Welcome to ColorView Design

Good interior design involves having a complex, scientific understanding of people's behavior and using that understanding to create functional and beautiful styles within an architectural space, which can be a lot to handle on your own. 

 At ColorView Design, we have the education and tools necessary to take that responsibility and give you a beautiful and functional space.  We work closely with architects, contractors, carpenters, manufacturers, sales representatives, and any other service providers necessary to complete your construction project. We will take your vision and shape your interior or exterior space until it is perfect for you. 

Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Among the many reasons for choosing a full-service interior designer, perhaps the most important is this: You will save money!! As opposed to going it alone or hiring someone without formal training. ColorView Design has numerous resources and contacts in the field to find the best products for the best price, resulting in savings for you, the client.

Budget & Planning


A designer can keep you on a budget and save you time and effort.  Our education and professional knowledge can alleviate the pressure to figure everything out independently. With ColorView Design, you have a team.  We will assist you in creating a goal for your project and navigating through the intricacies of deadlines, lead times and sourcing the best products for your renovation or new build. 

Professional Assessment 


A designer can give you a professional needs assessment leading to a solid plan of action.  Maintaining the order of operations in a design plan is essential to determine what can be repurposed or edited, not only affecting the budget, but helping you spend more efficiently.


ColorView will help you develop more assertive communication between you and your architect or contractor.  This communication can prevent oversights in the design plan and project timeline. This discipline is crucial in time- and money management because mistakes are more expensive than planning.  Oversights typically affect the small details, but all these details are what make your house feel like a home!



In ColorView's years of business, we've developed relationships with numerous fantastic local and national firms of educated professionals. We know where to source the materials that go into manufacturing your dream home.  This experience means lower prices and higher-quality products that you can't get through anyone else. You will reap the benefits of years of personal relationships with our sales representatives.



ColorView has access to the technologies necessary to work alongside your architect, builder, and contactor.  We have a plethora of resources at our clients' disposal, including our knowledge and experience with design programs such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, ArchiCAD; Spectro (an app for analyzing color value), and our specialized color consulting services with an in-house licensed color strategist. We also offer furniture design packages, combining our professional advice with all the "jewelry" needed to make your design shine.  These services make our firm uniquely apt to fulfill all your design needs.